About Our Reseller Program

Welcome to the Flying Dress By Okajons Third Party Sales Incentive Program!  The purpose of this program is to acknowledge and reward sales partners for their continued support in recommending and booking Flying Dress By Okajons products.  Please find the program details below.

It is mutually agreed:

  • Agent will receive a commission of 10% of Suppliers standard, ‘retail rate’, for all bookings made by agent.
  • Agent will keep their commission amount and the terms of this agreement confidential.
  • Agent reservations can be made directly with Supplier’s reservation software, FareHarbor.
  • Agent to provide guest payment, and Supplier to charge guest, at the time of booking.
  • Agent commissions are paid on a monthly basis, based on photoshoot date (not booking date).
  • Agent commission can be made payable to the Agent organization or individual.
  • Agent commissions are not paid on cancellations or no-shows.
  • Agent agrees to communicate all appropriate Supplier policies to guest at time of booking, (e.g., cancellations, etc.)
  • Standard cancellation policies apply.


Supplier will be responsible for the collection and payment of all appropriate taxes.

Participation Termination

Participation in this program is voluntary, and participation can be terminated by either party at any time.  That said, transactions made prior to termination will always be honored.

This IS NOT a binding contract.  Signatures below are for acknowledgement of program details only.
Please download the document, enter pertinent information, save them to your files, and then upload with the request form below, final step is clicking the yellow “send” button.

Reseller Program

Please make sure you fill out the form as instructed. You will only be contracted for the next steps if filled out correctly.